Author Topic: Painter not baking maps correctly  (Read 9563 times)

Just to update- I have tried many things yet I can't seem to control the smoothing groups on one of the doors still. I have tried:

- Unlocking normals
- Smoothing then hardening the edges
- Exporting to another maya document before exporting out
- Triangulating mesh before exporting
- Centering pivot, freezing transform and deleting history before export.
- Checked fbx. setting but it has smoothing groups enabled so it should be saving the info.

None have worked so far.

Hi, Jeremie!

I have read in other threads some problems are overridden using .obj...,16272.0.html

Could be the case?

Is there a know issue now with .fbx or do you have any news on the baking issues?

I would really appreciate to know if there is some fix comming, or if is something we need to change in our process, that doesn't work anymore after 2.4

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