Author Topic: How can I avoid wire bleeding effect after baking normal?  (Read 995 times)


I have a problem with baking normal. It's about wire bleeding(Can I say it wire bleeding?).

As you see the photos below, some lines which came from low poly have been drawn on normal map.
I've set the 'max frontal distance value' to very low and the low poly has single smoothing group.

I guess setting multiple smoothing group would help for this issue but I really don't want to go that way because multiple smoothing group creates hard edges.

I need advice on this and thank you in advance.
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At last I found the reason why this happens.

It comes from the difference between pixel gradient and vector gradient. The artifact happened on the very narrow triangles and in this case, the normal map's corresponding area doesn't have enough space to compensate the low poly mesh's shading error.

So I think I should choose either separating SG or avoiding extremely thin triangles like that.

(I'm so sorry. I should've posted this thread in discussion section.)
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