Author Topic: Find something weird,not sure bug or not.  (Read 871 times)

Hi, I have some question here.

1. I find if I use project configuration to replace low obj file to new more higher one. My draw on model will be crash like this.


After project.....

Is it normal or something I lose to do?
Here is the face pic.

2. I find sometimes draw straight line that it will become this.

Those two are use shift to draw, same brush setting. But one is broken.
 And I also find a weird thing about use undo for this it will be fine.

3. If I change the pixel like 2k to 4k. Some detail will lose.

Hey, did you make some of your projection in the 2d view? if yes, you lose the ability to reproject on a mesh with new UVS (as SP will reproject where you painted it in the 2d view space).

Ummmm, I'm not sure your mean,I use 3D side to paint more then 2D side,I use both two view for sure.