Author Topic: Usage question: Setting up UV's  (Read 1034 times)

HI I have a workflow question for Painter and I guess SD too..Its more a general modelling question tho

Should I always have 100% unique UV's or is reusing the same UV space normal and accepted practice?

EG I know unique UV's are great for painting purposes, but Im in the process of adding heaps of teeth to a low poly dragon so do I texture a map for just one single tooth or every tooth?
The obvious thing being every unique UV uses valuable finite space on the overall map.

So is peoples advice
100% Unique UV's all the way (perhaps also for lighting /shading purposes)
is it ok to tile things up in painter>unity workflows where there are normal maps etc?

Thanks :)

Hey, you can indeed reuse the same UVs space (as long as you are sure you want to assign the same info :-))
This is generally a good optimization practice if handled well ;)