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Hi, I'm currently a texture artist for a 3D interior/exterior design studio and I want to eventually move into games so I would love some feedback on my textures since I'm kinda new to the whole PBR world.

Full resolution and extras here:

Brick Wall

Weathered Wood

Stone Paver

Dirty Showertiles
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Nice work ;)

Yes, nice work indeed.
My favorite is the "Weathered wood."  It has a great feel to it.
The "Dirty Shower Tiles" is also very good.  I really like the water drops and runs.
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Nice materials! the water drops are a nice touch.

Heres a current WIP I'm currently working on as a fun nostalgic piece, c&c would be very much appreciated!

Your new link is dead :(

Oops sorry about that! Here it is.

Nice one :)

Haha, that's awesome :D

Now i need to play Mario 64 :P. One day Allegorithmic might introduce Substance AI Goggles that makes all games look like that :P

Sorry its so delayed I've been busy lately but I finally posted the final shot of the Mario 64 texture here

I finally decided to take part in the Polycount bi-weekly substance challenge Kyle runs and here my result.
more shots here:

Its been a while since I posted anything online so heres a new one to get me started, hopefully more to come.

Here's another one! I wanted to do one of those "see how much better you got in the last year" kinda level up meme and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the progress.

Really nice progress. Congrats!