Author Topic: Weird results Baking AO from Normal map  (Read 4335 times)

I'm baking AO from a normal map in Painter and getting the result below.
As you can see parts of the normal are missing / white in the AO.
Even with the "Always" self occlusion setting, you can see parts of the AO are just lighter.

The normal map was baked with a high poly mesh and substance materials, nothing special.
To debug this, I've created a brand new Painter project to bake the above AO and only used the low poly + normal map texture, no other texture were baked in this project, no painting add, no material.
I've tried changing around the AO baking settings but nothing seemed to change the result

Here is what I get on a flat polygon area of the mesh, it's just worse :

Am I missing something ? Is that a baking setting problem ? a bug ?

I've attached the log and DirectX files
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I just noticed something really weird with the UVs and the way the AO appear to be baked.
The baked AO details correspond to the UV flipped vertically :

Could you share your meshes (high and low) ?
This would help us investigate the problems.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Bump, I'm also getting the same problem.  Happy to e-mail my scene if it helps


Okay, so i worked out what i was doing wrong.
Normally i just plug i the normal and bake all the other maps from that.
However this time i just wanted to see what the AO was like first because i had a few extra object in the scene just to cast AO.

However because i wasnt baking a world space normal or maybe its the position map first, substance was wigging out and rotating or flipping the AO derived from the normal map

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You shouldn't need to bake aWSNormal or Position to bake the AO. Did baking those maps solve the flipping issue?

turns out i was wrong, problem is not fixed at all.

It seem to bake the normal info into the ao map as normal, then seems to fill the uv islands with black or white then flip these "uv shadows" vertically and set this fill layer to overlay.

 ive tried re-exporting the mesh in question with full frozen translations and such. not sure what is going on.

Can i send my mesh and normal map someplace for you to try to recreate the issue?



So this error was really messing me up for a while.
Just updated to 2.6 and the problem is fixed as far as I can tell.
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