Author Topic: Substance Designer 2017.2.1 Generators issue  (Read 1499 times)

trying to use wood_fibers_2 generator in SD 2017.2.1 and it doesn't show the generator in the generators window or in search command and not in the shortcut space and type. it is in the resources folder where it should be in the Allegorithmic folder in C: drive, also wood_fibers_1 and some more nodes are not showing( also the perlin noise zoom and a bunch more are totally in the package but i cant call them from the shelf :/  ) . so does anyone know how to make this work again? how do i use them or reinstalling them?
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According to 2017.2 new features video by Allegorithmic. Basically its now the "Directional Noise".  It's explained around the  20:15 mark.

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