Author Topic: Why can we not dock parts on second screen as a new big window ?  (Read 734 times)

Just starting to test substance painter as good it works with the tiny font.
First thing you do is clean the choas and move the Shelff to second screen.
Then you not have a maximize button on that shelf window :( Ok.
Well let's dock the texrureSet to the shelff on second screen. Error. that's not possible.
And i also not have found any option to save a screen layout as default.

Customization and readability is not the best thing with substance painter. Suggest the take a look at blender.
But why can we not make a new collection of substance windows on secondary screen ? SO that is a new big window.

Hey, thanks for the feedback: I'm going to share this with the team

Agreed. I'm always surprised that any application, especially an art program, doesn't allow total customization with the layout. As artists we can be pretty picky with our workspace. ;)

Great idea!