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We just updated from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 and Substance is now trying to update the graph version number of every referenced graph when I open a package. Pretty sure this never used to happen with version 5.x, it was understandable that every package would need upgrading when we went from 5.x to 6.x but is it really necessary to do this for point releases? I now have lots of modified files in my version controlled library and it's a tedious task getting everything on the same version number.

I also notice that the Batch Tools seem to be requiring my graph version number to match exactly? Our tech guys here didn't update them from 6.0.1 and I'm no longer able to process graphs authored in 6.0.2 with them. (will have to wait until tech are back on Tuesday!). Not sure if it would work if batch tools were on 6.0.2 and the graph version was 6.0.1 but if not it's basically forcing all the graphs in my library to be updated with every point release. Lots of tedious work!


There was a bug in the 6.0.0 and 6.0.1 format so we had to make an updater for 6.0.2.
We usually try not to add such updater in point releases but sometimes it's necessary for good reasons.

You can batch update your files using sbsmutator (It's shipped with SD, no need for the batch tools installer). Just use the --update option.
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Understand that the file format has to change from time to time, it's good to hear that this isn't necessarily going to happen with every point release though.

I'll take a look at using sbsmutator to upgrade my packages tomorrow too, thanks!