Author Topic: SBS downloaded from Source crashes Designer  (Read 1188 times)


The sbs bricks_terra_blend_irregular downloaded from the Source crashes Designer.
OSX 10.12.4
Designer 6.0.2
Before crashing, it mentioned incompatible Font Data XML.
Joining a log file.


I am experiencing repeated crashes with Substance Designer 6.0.2 on Mac, crashing after opening Substances from Substance Source or Share.  The sbsar file loads normally, but the moment I drag it into a graph, the application crashes.

Hi Hephaistos,

The warning 'incompatible font data XML' is normal. It informs you that the sbs you are using was made from a previous version so Designer updates it and displays this message as the result of the update.

I will make some tests with bricks_terra_blend_irregular.

Trilo, can you give me names of sbsar which make Designer crash (downloaded on source and share) ?

For both of you, you are on 6.0.2 so did you send a crash report ? If yes, what's your mail, I will search your for your crash report (for this, answer me by PM :) )
QA Analyst

Hi all,

I found what's wrong.
The issue comes from the ressources which are in jpeg.
We are investigating on this issue and there is a workaround :
- open the sbs in Designer
- DON'T CLICK on the graph
- click on the first ressource to display its parameters
- in 'bitmap format', choose raw instead of jpeg
- do this for all your ressources

Now double click on the graph to open it and check if you still have the same issue
QA Analyst