Author Topic: "workflow" button not showing inside maya (plugin is 1.2.3)  (Read 1244 times)

I just updated my plugin today, and I am using Maya 2015.
I can see in the documentation that I am supposed to see Workflow dropdown menu when I select the substance node in Maya.
Link to documentation page:

Is is only in later versions of Maya? is my plugin somehow not properly updated?
On a similar note, my auto-baking is being funny.... it will create a cached texture for some nodes but not for all of them. For example, it works on the Diffuse output but not on the Base Color output. Same goes for Roughness. Any ideas?

My susbtance's outputs are pretty "custom" since I am experimenting with and old version of Renderman  (19, using Reyes shader) which is not PBR.
I am trying to see which outputs will work best where- any thoughts on that would be sweet as well. Thanks!

it's weird, Roughness does not auto-bake but Glossiness does. I've checked the naming convention on  the documentation and all my outputs are following it. Any info is appreciated!.