Author Topic: SD6 and SP2 not starting after Windows Creators Update?  (Read 1655 times)

Hi there!

I updated my computer today with Microsoft's Creators Update.
Since then, Substance Designer + Painter won't start.

Here isn't even a crash. I start the EXE (also tried as Admin) and ...nothing.
As far as i can tell it doesn't even show up in the task manager.
Didn't find any setting that may prevent apps to start that aren't from the App Store.

I updated my NVidia 970 card to the newest driver as well.
Is somebody else having this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Same stuff happening after updated to Creators update. Substance painer here. Guys, any solutions here? I am in the middle of project ...  Thanks!

UPDATE: I installed the 378.66 nvidia driver an now is working fine after someone pointed that Creators update is working on his station with Substance Painter. The last Nvidia driver caused the not working for me. Maybe will work also for you.

I have this exact same problem as well. Done exactly the same as OP.


Hey guys..if this helps at all for you..
I have been having MASSIVE PROBLEMS WITH WINDOWS 10 Creators update. ..I won't get into the weeks I have lost due to WIN10.
Painter2.51 and Designer6.01 are loading for me...however, when CreatorsUpdate was snuck onto my system, I had that boot loop bug with Nvidia's latest driver. So I grabbed one from February.  It worked.
Perhaps take a look at your GPU driver support forums. I know Nvidia has several threads related to Windows10CreatorsUpdate.
..but def try a driver from before Creators Update was "tested" by the people who don't know what QA is..
AKA: February Drivers.
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