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After importing the SSS and SSS with alpha blending shader into the shelf, I am not detecting any difference in my material properties, even after ensuring that a transmission map is available for use. I've reviewed Wes' tutorials regarding 'faking' SSS using the emissive channel, but I'm curious about how SSS can be achieved "properly" in Painter.

It would be nice to see a basic demonstration of SSS for a wax or other lipid compound inside Painter.
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There is currently no "proper" way of doing sss in Painter, there will be soon :)
The shader on Share should give you ok results for wax and similar materials though. Make sure you checked the transmission map option, that you added a Transmissive channel to your texture set and that you added a fill layer with the thickness map in the transmissive channel for it to work.

You're the man, thanks a lot!