Author Topic: "Apply" button in Input Parameters Preview (very small feature request)  (Read 1525 times)

The (relatively) new Apply button in the Preview mode for Input Parameters is driving me nuts. It makes sense to have a way to test out parameters without losing your current parameters, but it's pretty rare that I actually have to do that. Most of the time when I'm changing a parameter in substance designer, instead of changing it in Unity, I'm not trying to tweak a substance to be perfect, I'm trying to visualize a problem somewhere in my graph. I don't especially need to save my old settings, what I need is to be able to change a parameter, quickly see how it's affected whatever nodes I'm trying to fix, make some changes, and then change the parameter again.

I used to be able to double click on the background, change a parameter, double click on a node or two, make changes, and it all worked.

Now I double click on the background, change a parameter, double click on a node, realize I forgot to click apply as my changes are undone, double click on the background, recreate my changes, hopefully remember to click apply this time, double click a node, if I remembered to click apply I can make my changes and get to do it all again in five minutes next time I need to change a parameter, if I didn't I get to do it all again immediately. It's frustrating enough that I don't use the preview mode anymore -- I use the non-preview interface, which is really a lot slower and worse, but at least I don't constantly lose my changes.

I know this is a pretty minor problem, but it really honestly is making it harder for me to use Substance Designer. Would it be possible to add an option to automatically apply changes from the preview mode? Or perhaps make it so that, instead of automatically cancelling your changes when you select a node, you have to press a cancel button next to the apply button?

hey, thanks for the suggestion: I'll share with the team.


Related: It would also be nice if you didn't have to switch back to preview mode every time. This isn't disrupting me in the same way, but it would save a lot of clicks.