Author Topic: Can't access the Github page for Allegorithmic  (Read 2959 times)

Thanks to Kashaar for this:

Make sure you're logged in to GitHub, and have your account linked with your account - otherwise you won't have access to the UE4 repository. You can link your accounts at!

Not knowing this info lead me on a wild goose chase with weeks of frustration, just assuming that the page was 404'ing and not realizing that I didn't have access that I could grant myself. This is something that seems very basic, but I consider myself above average in trying to figure these things out and still had problems, sticky?

You can't grant yourself. You try to link your account. If you have UE4 access that link will succeed, if not, it will fail. However, I don't know if you have to have an *active* subcription with UE4 for it to work though. I'm guessing having one version should be enough, but that is guessing on my part :)

You have to have active UE4 sub to get access to other UE4 forks on github (like this one).