Author Topic: Explanation on SP2 opening in box and not saving window positions (UI bugs)  (Read 925 times)

Hello, I've been having this issue for quite some time and it's getting very annoying having to deal with this. Basically, SP2 is not saving the sizing of the different panels once I change the layout. It saves where they are relative to one another, but doesn't save, for instance how far over the shelf window was or how far down the layers window was. And now, every time I open SP2, it opens in this windowed box on top of not saving the panel positions as shown in the video.

So just wondering what's going on. (PS. I've tried deleting the registry entries like what was listed on another forum post. Doesn't work. It resets everything, but it does the same thing once I get everything set up again)

We have a ticket in our database for this bug, it will be fixed in an upcoming update. It seems to be a Win8/10 issue. Can you confirm you are using this OS?

Yeah. I'm using windows 10 and that's great to hear. Any idea when (ballpark if anything) that update is going to be out?