Author Topic: Iray (SD6) is unstable and crashes after ~10 seconds; 100% of the time  (Read 639 times)


I'm looking for help on this issue I'm having where I am unable to use Iray for longer than ~15 seconds. The whole of Substance Designer 6 has been working flawlessly until recently. I can boot an Iray render in an empty graph and have it crash after a short amount of time on just a base material; no changes made.

The graph I'm trying to render is only quite small and 2k w/h. I'm running a i7 3820 @ 3.4 (8 cores), 32gb of ram @1800mhz and a zotac 1080. I really, for the life of me, can't figure out why it keeps on crashing. I've never had this issue with SD5. I've never had this issue with SD6. On my laptop it runs fine and that has way less powerful specs. I don't get it and reading the crash file didn't make it any clearer to me...


Okay... I guess I solved it by turning off Shadowplay in Geforce Experience. No crashes since.