Author Topic: Why do my normals look different in Iray?  (Read 704 times)

I can't seem to figure out why my normals look off in Iray. They don't look flipped, just indented to far in the wooden areas. It looks right in Open GL though.

Any ideas?


Hey, did you touch some parameters in the material settings? (there is some additional ones you can tweak)

I have not changed anything between the 2 images, except the rendering method. So both images are the exact same setup. I even tried exporting the textures as bitmaps and importing the model and textures to a new project and got the same results.
Is there something I need to do to properly set this up for Iray?

do you mind sharing your sbs?

Sure. Do you want the whole graph or a small graph where I just imported the finished textures? I'm seeing the same results in both.

Let me know where to upload it and I will in a few hours when I get home.


the smaller the better ;)

Sure, I can get it to you in a couple hours. Just let me know where to upload it.

Take your time: I am going to bed :)