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Hi Allegorithmic!

  This is a collection of old diving gear that I made as a set, trying to show different kinds of shapes, purposes and materials.  Naturally it is all textured in the amazing Substance Painter - can't live without it now :)  Anyway, the set consists of a Mark V Deep Sea Diving Helmet, a Henry Martini Greener Harpoon (as was used in the movie Jaws, and they actually came like that), and an old scuba tank, which I thought would show different kinds of materials - steel, fabric, buttery rubber and paint.  There is also a Siebe Gorman Diving Torch, and a Siebe Gorman Diving Knife to round it off.  I hope you like it!

Thanks for looking!

Incredible, great job!

Gorgeous work.

Thanks very much, both of you.