Author Topic: [SOLVED] Painting viewport colors appear faded  (Read 1352 times)

So, I dun messed up and accidentally drag-dropped "freshnelranges" from the shelf into the viewport. Now my viewport colors and black/white balance is all wonky, and I have no idea how to undo this. Send help!

Edit: It only seems to affect one layer, so I'll be able to circumvent the problem for now. However, for future reference I'd love to know what is it that I did and how does one backtrack it.
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I investigate your issue, and could you try to change of Environment map in the Viewer Settings.
This will probably solve your issue.

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I did to no effect. I'm a newbie (with <10 hours) in the program. I actually solved this during the day, I had not realized that by dropping the image on the screen it activated projection mode in the layer, resulting in the faded projection/stencil overlay.
So you can consider the case closed!  :-X