Author Topic: Custom Shelf not detected  (Read 1444 times)

After updating to SP version 2.5.3. Substance Painter no longer automatically finds my custom shelves, even if those shelves are properly registered in the settings.

So after startup, Substance Painter only loads very few materials, smart materials and other stuff, but not the content from my Military Mood Pack and my custom shelf. Only when I open the 'Edit/Settings...' dialogue, (where all shelf locations are nicely listed, but ignored by the program), and I click the '...' path button (as if I wanted to register a new shelf), then suddenly Substance Painter comes alive adding all my custom materials.

It all worked fine in the previous version of Substance Painter, I have changed nothing at all in the shelf locations or settings, only did the update to 2.5.3.

Today's log file is attached.
Thank you for looking into this, Charlie


Sometimes custom shelves can take a little while to appear if they contain a lot of asset. Are you sure that the custom content doesn't appear by itself if you wait a little longer after booting up SP?

I have the same problem, I don't see anything happening in SP 2017.1 when adding a new shelf path. No progress information, no sign of activity, and no new material available after 5mins. What is it supposed to do? Will it create a new folder hierarchy? where? How will it be presented into the shelf window? The documentation is not saying anything about this.

Instead I have copied my hierarchy under Materials folder under Documents and this works fine. But the shelf path functionality seems to be broken...
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