Author Topic: Will I lose my existing license?  (Read 4599 times)

I currently have an Indie License for Substance Painter 2, and I've got the 10$ for six months offer with substance live Available. If I do the 10$ deal will I lose my indie license to Substance Painter 2?

No, this will be an additional license.

Does that mean that if I unsubscribe after only 6 Months, I will lose access to the latest version at that time and be back to the version that my perpetual indie license had when it´s maintenance ended?

Yes that's right.

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose all the licenses from the subscription.
But you keep the perpetual licenses (Substance Painter 2) you had.

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So "Upgrading" isn´t as much an upgrade as another 12 Month of paying 180$ + 49$ total and if one payment fails for what ever reason the subscription stops beeing continuous and the "12 consecutive Month"-Payment requirement, to turn the latest maintenance into a permanet license, means that all the money is essentially wasted. Upgrading for license owners is almost as expensive as buing the software from scratch and has the risk of loosing all the payment progress!

Why did you remove the simple (and if I recall correctly, cheaper) one-click upgrade purchase for the next version. You could have just changed buying the next major version to buying maintenance for 1 year or something similar. And why is there no seperate purchase options for Source Credits?

Correct me if anything stated above is incorrect, but this looks far less customer friendly then your old system.
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You can still upgrade each software separately for $75 if you already have a license.
Also if you miss a payment, we will allow some time to figure out what happened and send you an email to give you a chance to get back on. You won't lose the progress unless you intentionnally want to stop the payments indefinitely.

Regarding the "failed payments", all the explanations are here:
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Thanks for the answers, I´ve read the substance faq and the announcement emails before posting, but I was confused when I noticed that the "upgrade" button on the indie-license store page only leads to Substance subscriptions instead of the 75$ upgrade. Where can I find the 75$ upgrade if not in the upgrade section of the store? Or does that offer not yet exist since current owners of the license get updates until september anyway?

It will be there, but after September for Substance Painter 2 licenses.
There's no need to purchase a maintenance before :)
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So if I upgrade my current SP2 license to perpetual, i dont need to pay anything anymore ?

So if I upgrade my current SP2 license to perpetual, i dont need to pay anything anymore ?

If you upgrade Substance Painter 2, you will get access to the latest version of Substance Painter and 1 year of updates.
After 1 year, you keep the last version you had, but you won't be able to use the updates coming after.

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Hi Nicolas.
i lost the updates, ok i undestood.
But my version 2018 remains operational ?

When you changed the marketing system of the software my version SP2 indie perpetual stopped working saying that the license was no longer valid and that I needed to upgrade.

That would not happen anymore? Can I continue working even if the time has expired?

Thx in advance and best regards.



Your Substance Painter 2 license never stopped working. It remains operationnal if you use Substance Painter 2017.3, which was released before the end of your maintenance (September 30, 2017).

This is the same if you purchase a new maintenance.

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