Author Topic: Truly random Tile Generator?  (Read 1513 times)

I was wondering, are there plans to make something like a Tile Generator node with a truly random input?
I mean a Tile Generator node where every input image/node uses a different random seed to generate a unique input?
You could (for example) make a gravel texture where every piece is gravel is unique, instead of the same piece of gravel just randomly scaled and rotated.

I realize this would be much much slower. But from what I see, practically everybody is using Substance as a 'offline' texture creation tool anyway, so speed is less of a concern than getting the best quality output.

I agree that an automated tile random via input node would certainly be useful. I was able to get a somewhat similar effect by using switch and iterate nodes in an fx map that cycled randomly through 8 inputs, but the blending modes of the fx map are limited so it could only go so far.

That is exactly what I mean, you can get close with various workarounds but none of them is perfect. Using 8+ inputs works, but you still have only 8 shape variations and the graph gets needlessly complex.

A truly random Tile Generator node would make the workflow much easier to understand, easier to create and with better results. The only downside is slower generation of the material (which is not a bottleneck in most cases, and will be even less as GPUs get faster).