Author Topic: Bug in Blend Node (with function)  (Read 1999 times)

When I expose a variable (a tweak) which I only (!) use inside a function in the blend node (a function for the cropping area) it isn't shown in the substance player (or in Unity). It seems, it is considered a tweak that is not used at all.

As a workaround I can use that tweak in some other function, then it will properly show up. But, that is of course a waste of computation time in the final substance.

Am I missing something here, or is this a know bug?  :o

Thank you!

The cropping area, like the cropping shape, can't be tweaked.
If you want to dynamically change this parameter, you can do the same kind of thing using gradients and levels as your mask.
You can also use the Tile Generator noise with just one tile and use it as a dynamic mask.

Thank you for the info. The workaround with a gradient and hard levels does work fine, even if there is a slight performance loss.

Would be really great, if those values could be tweaked any time soon.