Author Topic: Ability to have multiple projects open at the same time  (Read 1261 times)

I would love to see this feature. There are a lot of times when I have many meshes that need to be very unified in color, grunge, and overall appearance. Currently it's really hard to get the exact same worn appearance over a collection of static meshes to fulfill a theme. Having the ability to open more than one project in substance so you can go back and forth and work on both at the same time would be amazing!
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Hey, thanks for the suggestion!
It may be quite memory intensive, but I understand the interest, meanwhile did you try to use the smart materials and the material presets?

I have been having a similar situation in my workflow.  I am creating a set of assets (about 12) and it is important that all the various furniture pieces match in color, lighting etc.  The only solution I could live with was to have all of it in a single scene (which is upwards of 6 gigs when saved) but this has become seriously laggy (and crashy on open) over time as more texture options are added and more model parts.

It is possible to run two versions of substance at once but with large files that is even more cumbersome.  It is made worse by the fact that it is not possible to copy and paste between instances of painter.

The smart materials are all well and fine, but... it is still limited in some important ways.  With my set up, for example, I had to alter the baked lighting on the arms of sofas and chairs from how it is on the seat parts in order to get rid of some undesired highlights at the edges.  These little tweaks can make a huge difference in the overall look of the piece.  It would be necessary to create a smart material for sofa arms and another for the cushions in order to get it just so (and don't even get me started on the need for half a dozen different color options needed for each piece).  Over a large project that creates a whole lot of smart materials cluttering up the shelf and causing regeneration of the shelf icons.

I would love it if there was some way to set a "global light" setting for all of the baked light filters in a scene.  I think that would allow me to get out of this pickyante tweaking and make it so that my saved smart materials would look the same for anything else in the project that i wanted to add it to.

Thanks for the feedback: I'll share this with the team.