Author Topic: Prioritize graph computation inside an SBS file.  (Read 1052 times)

Hello, I 'm currently having fun with Substance Designer ability to create additional (utilities) graph that i can use in the Final output graph. But then after creating those graph.

i'm worrying about this for now, because at some point i'm computing a 4K map out of all those custom nodes, and SubDesigner crash sometimes back to the desktop. so i want to be sure that i'm working in the good way by checking and get the control on the processing line.

Here my Final Output Graph is Mat_CHE01_MainBody at the top of the list.

Inside this graph i use other graph like the one that regroup in only one node all my baked maps (stored in Resources as linked bitmap) in a convenient way (0_BakeMaps_MainBody) and other graph for Pattern and such into the Custom Node Folder (1_IDSelector for exemple use the 0_BakedMaps_MainBody node and a Material selector in order to ouput any mask i want from my ColorID).

Is there some ways i can define that i want to compute first my main Baking Graph Node where i feed all my baked maps, then move onto the utilities Node Graph that i use on some part of the models, then Compute de final Output that use those utilities node.

I know that Designer work as usual from Input to Output, but so if there is any problems inside my graph, how can i find the graph that got bugs or mistyped value that create errors ?

Hey, there is not a way to do so...
What you can do is set the size at 2048 and check the computing time, to see if there is a node that takes way longer than the others.

Merci (Thanks) Vincent. I'll check that.