Author Topic: Substance Designer auto crashing at launch  (Read 1967 times)


I have a seemingly difficult problem.

After activating Substance Designer 6.0.0 via file, it has crashed every time after trying to either:
1) open an existing substance
2) create a new substance

Since then, I've uninstalled and reinstalled to 6.0.2 and it still crashes.
I've also already contacted Allegorthmic support and they redirected me here, so these forums are pretty much my last hope. I'm a student in the industry learning 3D art full time and Substance Designer is fairly core to my current workflow. So desperation cry aside... um... help? (my log file is provided)

Hey I'll poke the QA team so we can help you.
did yo try with SD 6.0.2 update to see if you still have this issue?
are your GPU drivers up to date?

Hey, thanks for the response  ;)

  • did yo try with SD 6.0.2 update to see if you still have this issue?
When I reinstalled the program, it was updated to 6.0.2 automatically from the installer. I still have the issue.

  • are your GPU drivers up to date?
My GPU drivers were updated a couple months ago, but it's worth a shot to reupdate them. Although I think it could be license related because this happened immediately after activating the product.
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I'm sorry, I totally should have given this information as well. After trying to open a substance, I get an error "font data XML compatibility" for ~5 seconds until SD automatically closes

ok, I'll open a bug around this, so the QA team can have a deeper look

Hi Wobbiso,

Did you send a crash report ? If yes, what is your mail ? (answer me by PM for this :) )
Crash report send us more info than the log file, so it's really useful for us.

Did you have Designer 5 before ?

You said that you uninstalled and reinstalled Designer 6 and you still have the same issue but I see in your log file that Designer is installed on E:/.
Can you try to reinstall it on C:/ ?
I will send you by PM instructions in order to make a clean install.
QA Analyst

Hey, just wanted to let you know this worked. Although I couldn't put it in drive C: because the computer shipped with only enough space for just the base essentials and a massive drive E: for everything else.

Also, I really appreciate the time you put into solving this for me. Thanks a bunch, love you guys  ;D

edit: I tried sending a crash report... but ironically the crash report had troubles sending; I gave up after the report was trying to send for 2+ minutes.
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