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When I bake textures in substance painter, it shows some hard edges. How can i get rid of that?(I have exported the mesh in Blender)
This is hard edges which showed after baking. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hey, increasing the max rear distance will help diminish this effect.
You should add some more definition to the curvy part as well and beveling the hard edges could help as well..
Generally, placing the high res around the object, rather than inside can help.

Thank you for the reply. But hard edges are still visible in non-uv seam edges.

Uv seams shown in cyan color

(Got the same)
I am going to double check if there is a way to remove this without touching the mesh.

Thank you for looking at my model. Above file is a test file. I'm texturing a complex model which have those kind of visible hard edges and it is a my first game ready model for commercial project. If you find any method for removing these kind of errors please please let me know. Thank again.

If your Hi res is not supposed to get more info ( and if you can afford few more faces in you low res) the solution would be to directly bevel the edges in the mesh:

Thank you for the reply. I can increase the polycount of the hires model since it is intended for subdivision. But I cannot bevel the edges on low poly because it will increase the poly count 10000 to 25000. Do you know any other way to fix that?
I have used the subdivision level 2 for hires model and when I bake, low res has hard edges like before.

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I would try baking with cage or try soft edges, instead of "hard" ones...


I have solved the problem thanks to the polycount member "pior".

On your model, make sure that IF you put a hard edge somewhere, it is on an edge that is ALSO a UV island border. Do not place a single hard edge "at random" without making sure that the edge matches this condition (and yes, that might mean that your UVs might need to be redone accordingly :) )

Generally, placing the high res around the object, rather than inside can help.
Was it the issue?

I don't know if this was an issue or not, but some parts of my hires mesh are inside the low res mesh. But it works. Anyway I got a another problem. It would be great if you can look into that too. Thank you.,16211.0.html

From all the tests I've done, what I've found is that Substance Painter treats every texture island edge as a hard edge, regardless to what it's set to in Maya. So the problem is impossible to get away from.

As far as I can tell, this is a bug, and I was hoping it was fixed by now.

SP also has a problem properly assigning hardness to edges it adds when it triangulates, so it's best to triangulate your meshes before working in SP, even if you then go back to using a normal quad mesh in your game.

There is also some good info on general guidelines in the post by pior referenced here, but a lot of it is just guesswork, and the biggest takeaway from that post is, "use xnormal for baking, not SP", which of course kind of defeats most of the purpose of Substance Painter.

Hey, just an update: we were able to reproduce a bug.
This will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Could you describe the specific bug so that we know what's going on? It would be helpful for those of us trying to figure this out.

this seems to be in the average normals computing (we have to check internally).