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Hi guys !

Just had a bug recently, I am trying to export an SBSAR from an SBS than contain 3 Graphs.
The SBSAR I'm exporting is a multi-material composed by two different woods. Only one of this material has the Output(s) Computation to YES the two other are at NO and both of those sub-Graph have therOutput Format and Size changing according to the parent...

Don't know why that stuff worked on SD 5 but not 6, any clue ?


Seems to be able to export if I replace my Grunge Map 004 by an another one... Did any one of you know the reason of that ?

Hey, it seems that you are trying to catch an integer, with a get float.
Do you mind sharing the problematic sbs?

I sent you the sbs by mail, merci du coup de main :) .

Hi Vincent,

This error means that you have a conflict between several variables.
You probably use the same name of variable, here it's random_mode for several parameters which don't have the same type.
Here, your random_mode is probably a float and Designer is asking for a integer.
Change the name 'random_mode' in your exposed parameters for something else, for example 'mode_random' and it should solve your issue !

QA Analyst

I see. It's weird because I don't have any exposed parameters with a name like that or a label called like that..

Something else weirf as well is that if I remove the Grunge 004 that is a basic grunge, my export work.. And I don't have exposed anything about that Grunge.

I install the last Designer 6 build but the error is still here.

Hi there I am getting a similar issue, however my error list is not as long as the previous one. im trying to create an .sbsar however i get this error every time i try to publish.

I am not sure what i causing this issue, however i was able to publish a less complicated graph (it didn't have materials dragged into it, or sub graphs) im not sure if there is something wrong with my work flow or this is just an error or bug. also in all graphs i try to publish i get a warning when selecting compression size that i have a node that is not pixel size is not relevant to parent (i previously had nodes that were uniform color so i set them to 32x32 pixel size however i have since reset all nodes to relative to parent and this warning still persists)

Would be grateful for any help with this.  :D

Hey Neil,
As the cause of your error seems to be different from the previous one, could you create a specific topic, joining your log file?