Author Topic: Substance Painter LUT color profile on baseColor channel  (Read 2926 times)

I have a LUT that we are using to match our current color pipeline, but unfortunately it is being read when we use the channel view baseColor in painter.

Is there a way for the baseColor channel view to not be read as linear when using a custom LUT?
Base Color - Profile: Linear

We would still prefer to see this in srgb.

Just adding to this....

This is from the documentation:
When "Activate Color Profile" is enabled the rendering of the viewport is done in Linear/Raw for every view (including solo channels)

I guess I'm wondering, why is this the chosen behavior? Should we not be viewing srgb channels appropriately? Or at least make toggling on and off Activate Color Profile a hotkey-able process?

Same problem here. I would love to see the diffuse channel with the correct color profile, or at least in sRGB. It's very tidious to go into the display settings and deactivate the color profile every time I want to view my color channel...

We are planning on making this behavior optional soon.

2 years later- did this actually happen to get fixed? Am I missing a menu option somewhere? Using LUTs for the first time in our Painter pipeline and this issue has come up.

The change hasn't been implemented, it was postponed for later as we prefer to rework in a more general way how we handle color management.
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