Author Topic: Renderman 21 and PxrSurface Workflow  (Read 5431 times)

 I would like to know the workflow with the new renderman's shader "PxrSurface" and substance painter. I did not found information, I only found the workflow with pxrDisney but not with pxrSurface.

I hope you can help me!!

Hi there,

I'm not sure it is correct, but try this.

Export: Diffuse, Specular, Roughness and the Normal (OpenGL) maps from Substance Painter.

Connections if you using the Artistic mode:

Diffuse -> Diffuse Color

Specular -> Face Color
Edge Color = White
Roughness -> Roughness

Advanced section
Specular Model = Ggx

Normal -> Go down to the Globals section, connect a PxrNormalMap node, load the texture to the Filename slot (folder icon).

Cheers, D
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I have this same question. Except, what would you connect the PBR maps to in PxrSurface (specifically the metallic map)....?


We also have a guide in our Rendering Docs.

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