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Hello Everyone,

I apologies up front if I am posting this in the wrong discussion group, I just couldn't decide which one was the right one.

I am using Substance Painter 2 on my desktop. I am looking to get a tablet and pen to use, using a mouse is ok, but I figure using a pen is just that much easier.

I have been looking at Wacoms tablets/pens, the Intuos line, and I am not sure which one of them I need for use with SP2. I see they have the Draw, Art, Photo, Comic and 3D. I am assuming the 3D is the one I need, but I don't know. However, if a cheaper one will work just as good, then great.

Just so you have the information... I would likely also use this with ZBrush, Mudbox, Maya (maybe), and Photoshop.

Which one do you recommend?

Also, are there other tablets/pens out there that you would suggest I look at?

Side Note: I already own a Cintiq Companion, the first version. SP2 doesn't run very well on it, so I am looking into this option.

Wacom Intuos should work fine ;)

...but which one?

Wacom has five different options for the Intuos, as listed above. I don't want to buy the wrong one and then have to deal with exchanging it. I'd like to buy the right one the first time. Also, know which one up front tells me how much money I need to save up.

Any of them.  I'm still using an intous3 I bought in 2004.  Wacom's marketing would like you to think otherwise, but there really hasn't been that much progression in the last decade.

Unless you really want multi-touch (which I don't, but personal preference...) I'd get whatever you can afford that's at least A5.


The size is a question of feeling ( ???) : personally, as a bad artist, I prefer A5, but the best is to try somewhere.

I own a large wacom. The size of the device doesn't matter much, a smaller one would give me similar results since you're able to zoom in. The larger size makes it difficult to lug around so keep that in mind.

I just don't know what A5 means.

Paper size basically, in this context it's size of the drawing surface.

I would suggest the medium Intous Pro.

the large one is just annoyingly big for most work.

I find the Intuos line is overpriced, and most of their bonus features are more of a marketing gimmick than anything actually useful. The hundreds of thousands of levels of sensitivity (sarcasm) are not even noticed my most software (given how you are at most controlling 100 points of opacity/flow). Also I have never used the hotkeys in them- even though I've tried. Having your left hand on the keyboard is far more useful and flexible.
They also attempt some obscure marketing bs on their bamboo line.  Draw, art, photo, 3d!? They're all the same tablet, same features, just bundled with different software. You wouldn't know it by looking at their site though, it almost seems like they are different tablets. To make matters more confusing some come only in small, others in small and medium, etc. Sigh, it's kind of annoying.
So my recommendation is go for Bamboo, choose whichever bundled software would be useful for you. If you don't own zbrush i'd go for their 3D tablet, since it comes with zbrush Core (assuming you do 3d).

Save the extra few hundred dls you'd spend on a Intuos and spend it in hardware- seriously you could almost buy a video card for the difference....

Ps- Also don't worry about ti having or not having touch capabilities, since it will probably be the first thing you'll want to turn off. Never work well and it almost always just ends up annoying you.
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I have an old Bamboo Create that isn't overly large and didn't cost a huge amount.  Works fine and only has 4 buttons on the tablet, which I think I only use one of them.

I also purchased the wireless option for it, but it doesn't work very well so I just plug the tablet into a USB port to use it. 

I've been using an XP-Pen DECO 02 Graphics Tablet 10x5.63 Inch , DECO 02  tablet for many, many years working in Max. I used to use the XP-Pen for only Photoshop work, but I forced my self to change this habit because of strain on my wrist and arm. If you've never used a tablet, then initially you'll have an adjustment period of getting used to the tablet for about a week because you still need to use the keyboard for variety of shortcuts.

I never use a mouse unless I have to. I do modeling, UV mapping, texturing, and everything using the digital art tablet. My right-click is assigned to the bottom portion of the pen, and the middle-click assigned to the upper. For zooming, I use the scroll pad on the tablet. You can also map the keys that come with the tablet for whatever keys you use most, such as Ctrl, Shift, Alt, etc. I love it.

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