Author Topic: Paint Blistering Filter From Designer to Painter  (Read 885 times)

Hello all!I need a little help with the last step!

Im sure any of you like me would have seen the Paragon breakdowns at GDC by now on the Allegorithmic youtube.

I started to mess around and got a basic height map and mask done real quick. I proceeded to spend the next several hours learning how to make basic filters and get the inputs and outputs to work for specific purposes. The only real complex information I could find is using the alpha... and thats about as in-depth as it gets to do with what inputs and outputs can be used. (as far as googling went)

Eventually now I get the right results from the filter, minus the most important part of it, being able to paint the age dynamically. (preferably driven by the mask, like in the video)

at the moment, all I can do with my age slider is say how old the overall effect is, and then paint it out with a mask. which gives a sharp edge because it doesn't directly multiply the age effect.

Using a gradient map as the input for the age effect gives me the exact result required.

So the only thing left to do in my mind is drive this input mask setting (being used by polygon2) by the mask of the layer or by any paint at all really. as I cant do anything other than input an image or use the slider.

I hope this went into enough detail for someone to know what I need to do. I havent posted any Designer screen shots, as its literally an input being blended with a mask and other basic designer stuff. the tricky bit is getting painter to do what I want!

Thanks for taking a look.

Edit: something I also didnt mention is obviously the age can be painted in on a blank layer. but this, again, isnt a build-up effect. its a specific, "this is the age now!" thing. though it blonds outwards better than the mask.
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