Author Topic: GPU often stays at idle clocks while iray rendering?  (Read 1293 times)

This has been happening to me since 2.5.0 released. Prior to that my iray renders were fast and worked every time, but since 2.5.0, easily 95% of the time I click the Render button, iray isn't really "kicking in" my GPU and the clock speeds sit at their idle 135mhz core/405mhz memory and GPU usage with spike at a whole 6% and the render is so slow it's about 1 iteration every 45 seconds. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, maybe once every 20 renders it will kick up to full speed, 100% utilization and render hundreds of times faster.

And yes, I do have CPU disabled in the options.

I'm having the same issue, but I don't know if they are really the same?  Did you check the log file?  I'm on Linux, running Nvidia driver 375.26 with two GPUs, a GTX460 which runs my monitors and a GTX 980 that I use for rendering.  I too have turned off the CPU and the 460 but Iray still does not use the 980.  I get the following warnings in the log:

[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.1   IRAY   rend error: Scheduler was aborted for restart and needs to be restarted
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.25  IRAY   rend error: OptiX Prime error (Device rtpContextCreate): Unknown error
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.20  IRAY   rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce GTX 980): Scene setup failed
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.20  IRAY   rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce GTX 980): Device failed while rendering
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.20  IRAY   rend warn : All available GPUs failed.
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.20  IRAY   rend warn : Re-rendering iteration because of device failure
[WARN] <Qt> "[DBG WARNING][Iray Service]"   1.20  IRAY   rend error: All workers failed: aborting render
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