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So I downloaded one of the SBS files from Substance Source. This one specifically:

I have the latest version of Substance Designer, version 5.6.2. I tried to open this SBS file in my version of SD. This is the error it throws me:

Why is it claiming SD is too old when it's the latest version?


The last Substance Designer version is the version 6. For now, most of the sbs files are still compatible with Substance Designer 5, however some of them (that were modified lately, like this one) use the version 6 file format.
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@Gaetan Lassagne

Thanks for your reply, but I'm slightly confused by your response.

Do you mean to say that some of the SBS files use an older version than 6? I'm assuming the second number in SD 5.6.2 is the version number (in this case the number 6).

I'm currently working in 5.6.2, so do I need to download an older client in order to open some of these SBS (like the one I'm trying to use)?

Some sbs files available on Source still use Substance Designer 5 version (most of them in fact).
The new ones we create (or modify) use Substance Designer 6 (the last version 6.0.2 is available on our website).

Regarding "Light Matt Combined Terracotta", we modified it recently (using Substance Designer 6) that's why you can't open it with Substance Designer 5. So if you want to open/edit it you have to download SD6.

We plan to add more details about file version in Substance Source at some point as it's something that is missing.
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Ohhh wowwww. I didn't even realize SD 6 came out. I guess Allegorithmic doesn't do free upgrades then?

Nevermind, I see it all. Thanks so much man. So sorry for my ignorance of SD6 xD

Have a great day!