Author Topic: How to complex brick bonding patterns?  (Read 4805 times)

Hey Forum,

I am trying to create a socalled english-cross-bond pattern (also known as dutch bond or as we say in germany Kreuzverband). (I use to be a bricklayer  ;D)

After a week of trying every brick/tile generator I'm stuck.
Is this to complicated or am I missing something?

How can I get this a pattern in substance designer?

Thank You

I was able to get a somewhat similar result using this set up:

Once I figure out how to upload my substance, I'll share it with you. Its pretty simple overall. Just some tweaks to interstice in tile generator, scaling down in tile generator, then histogram scan to ensure you are getting 100% pixels and no distortion from using an elongated shape. Once all thats done, throw it in to the bevel node with a minor setting of like -0.005
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Hey, I guess in your case, you will have to use different tile samplers and blend them together to obtain the targeted result.


Thanks for your fast answer and the effort of trying out how to do that!!! After some playing with your file I got lucky :)

the outer parts are still not working but i have got the offset right so the bricks »jump« ervery other row. I guess the real solution involves some programming?

again thank you very much :)

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@Vincent Gault yes, thats what I thought, but how. I have no clue how to do that. And what about sloping and all the good stuff? Thanks for replying!! Kai

I'll try to build an example tomorrow

sounds great!!!!!!!! cheers from over here in Berlin :)

I started an example here, using tile samplers. It's not finished but it gives you a good overview.

Thank you!!!!

wow, looks like masking wars.
great output so far.
I have no idea how you did that. :)

yes it's a bit messy, sorry about that.
Basically, in the color parameters of a tile sampler, you can decide to use a mask to control which pattern are displayed or not.

Hi, having a similar problem. I'm trying to make a brick patten where every 9th row is made up of half size bricks. Spent too much time trying to do this, its driving me mad

Something like this should work:
- 2 tile generators: One with regular and the other with half bricks.
The number of rows should be a multiple of 9 if you want the pattern to tile, so I chose to tile it twice and use 18 rows.

- A shape node with a square with a y size of 1/9 (= 0.1111)
The shape node has a tiling parameter, so I use this to tile it twice. You could also use a transform node for this instead, especially if you dont want to use a multiple of 9 rows.

I attached the .sbs file below if you want to see/ use it
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Hi Esger. Been a long time since I posted this, only just seen it. thank you so much for sorting this it is very much appreciated.
Have a great Christmas . Dave

Hi Dave. No worries ;)
A very merry Christmas to you too