Author Topic: Exporting unity packages with sbsars  (Read 1728 times)

I was wondering if it's possible to export packages from Unity with dependencies appropriately packaging the SBSARs with the materials. To me it seems it "forgets" to include the substances, while shipping off empty materials with the model.

Any ideas for workarounds welcome!

Hey, you have different options in Unity, about how you want to handle your sbsar:

That's a good tip!
I often have to assemble assets into prefabs in Unity myself, and send them off as .unitypackages to different devs. Is there a setting there that would let me do that? Achieving that is the chief problem described in my post.

Ha sorry: I thought you were speaking about final game packages...
That's a really good question... I have no idea (you may have more chance on a Unity forum for this one.)
Maybe try to set the Substance to "Build on level load" to see if it works? (but I don't think so)

No worries, let's put it on my phrasing!
Yeah I'll have to try out Unity forums for this one too, but I figured there's a good chance someone has already dealt with this issue here. If I find a solution I'll drop it here as well.