In UE4, texture is going bad.

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Hello everyone.
I got some problems with textures in Unreal Engine.
As you see, it looks good in Substance Painter, but it is going bad when I build & compile project in UE4.
I designed this asset with Blender.
I unchecked sRGB in MatellicRoughnessOcclusion texture, and my setting of UE4 is Epic.
I searched for it on internet but i cannot find solution.

Please help me with this situation.(My first language is not English. Sorry)
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I'm a Unity user, but just suggesting some possible solutions anyways.
Before exporting to Substance Painter, make sure your mesh is triangulation before hand as UE4 and Substance Painter may triangulate your mesh differently.
Also make sure you have a second UV channel that is used specifically to create the light map in UE4.
If those are not the issue then I hope someone else can help you!

Hey there!

If by 'going bad' you mean the black artifacts on the green sauce.... this looks a bit like lightmap artifacts. This is assuming this object is handled as 'static' and you baked the light. Easy to test: move the object without re-baking the light... does that make the black artifacts go away? If so, 2 reasons for the artifacts:

1) the UVs used for light baking might not be ideal. This article might help:

2) the resolution of the lightmap might be too low. On the object, override the 'Light Map Res' to something higher. Default is 64, try 256 to see if that reduces the issue. Keep in mind increasing this value will make things slower.

Hope that helps!
m :)