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I'm quite new to Substance Painter, and I'm trying to figure out how to bake normal maps correctly.

I have baked maps successfully in xNormal, and am aware of the following things I should keep in mind when baking:

- Low and high resolution meshes are in the same position and transformed to zero in Max

- Low poly materials are named xx_low, high poly meshes are named xx_high (no caps)

My normal maps will either not appear at all (when name matching) or produce very weird results, regardless of set distance when baking. These are probably two different problems I'm experiencing, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to fix them.

Match - always:

Match - by mesh name:

Any ideas?

There are  a couple of problems here.

First of all, you have named MATERIALS as xx_low. You must have low and high poly MESHES with the same name.
Chain_low (low poly MESH) & Chain_highi (High poly mesh).
You need this to bake with "Match - by mesh name". That weird normal is because SP didnt find matching meshes.

On the other hand, the option "Match - Always", bakes meshes based on their position in the world, Regardless of matching names. As you can see that option worked better than the other. Try using smoothing groups to fix those cutting edges !

One more thing is that you can have one single material for this object. Materials in SP are like UV textures, a new material is a new UV texture. You dont want all those textures for a single mesh.

- low and high MESHES with same name but with _low _high
- Smoothing groups
- Try just one material for this object

It seems I have misunderstood a few things. Thank you for clearing that up!

I will also try to work on my smoothing groups and see what difference it makes. :)

Unfortunately, I still can't seem to produce any useable result using name matching.

Exported .fbx files containing high and low meshes, where the names match each other and given the correct suffix (details_low matching details_high, and so on).

I am currently trying to follow a synced workflow, and followed these steps;

-Created quick UVs (please excuse the mess, I'm just trying to make this work at the most basic level)
-Split the low poly mesh into pieces corresponding to the high poly meshes
-Ensured that all meshes line up and froze transformations
-Set all faces to the same smoothing group
-Exported .fbx with smoothing groups/triangulate checked, tangents and bi-normals unchecked
-Imported into SP, with 'compute tangent space per fragment' checked

I have tried to import .fbx files back in to Max, and the names are still as they should be.

Just to make sure I've got this right... is it an acceptable method to "export selected" objects in Max, and export all low poly meshes into one single .fbx - and the same with the high poly?

I'm sorry about how I'm asking about very fundamental stuff here, but I can't seem to get this right no matter how many hours I to through forum posts discussing similar problems.

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated!

Back in Max try selecting those elements that look checkered, and instead of making them one smoothing group click clear all and hit auto smooth for each element. If that doesn't work apply a checkerboard texture to everything and if they aren't perfect squares wrapping each part you uved you need to do the uvs over correctly.

Thanks for the reply! :) You were right about my uv's, they are all over the place.