Author Topic: Substance Painter: Subdivision Surface Workflow  (Read 4744 times)

If I have a mesh created using Subdivision Surface Modeling what would be my C4D > Substance Painter > C4D workflow?

1. I create my low res mesh w/ an SDS.
2. Unwrap my UVs ...

But here's where i get lost. How do I get my low res mesh to look like my high res Subdivided Mesh in Painter while still painting on the Low Res UVs?

I would need to paint on my low res UVs so that when I go back to C4D and toss my low res mesh back under an SDS everything matches up. I also need my low res mesh to appear subdivided in Painter so that I'm painting in the right place.

Do these question makes sense? Is this possible? I'm I thinking about this the wrong way?

Thank you in advance. I'm still new to Painter and I'm excited to apply my traditional painting skills to my 3D models.


Hey, you may want to have a look at this vid:

Thanks for the quick response Vincent. I've watched that video 3 times now. So to clarify, I'll bake a normal map from my subdivided mesh onto my low res mesh and start to paint.

I'm using the initial baked normal map just to get a subdivided appearance. Can I paint onto a separate normal map or export a separate normal map that only includes the information I painted in Substance Painter?

Thanks again!

yes, you can by exporting your maps (ctrl+shift+e)