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I'm trying to figure out how to use substance with Arnold and I'm getting some results which kind of work but I don't fully understand my method or that I'm doing it correctly.

I do plan to make use of substance painter and fully understand the software and process in the future but currently I'm just looking to grab a hi res texture and plug it into arnold.

I have a bunch of materials, here's my process.


I have, Diffuse, Basecolor, normal, specular, glossiness, roughness, metallic, height.

This is my set up: Open up arnold network shader, drop in the maps. Grab a standard shader.

Diffuse to diffuse color
Basecolor - Is this the same as diffuse?
Normal - straight into Arnold Displace - add arnold parameter tag to object
Specular - I put this into specular color, however the image is all grey and doesn't look like it's transferring any information.
Glossiness - I don't know where to put this, it seems like this should be used instead of the specular map.
Roughness - to spec roughness
Metallic - The image is all black, I have no idea where this plugs into.

I have a steel material also, would this be a different set up to concrete?

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you

diffuse/basecolor are the same; normal to normal map; spec colour (should be white unless a metal) , roughness to spec roughness, metallic to IOR(may need a gamma correction)- if you have substance designer, use the arnold PBR conversion, attached some images that might help.

(BTW arnold 5 is different to this so you may need to experiment)


I'm still having a super hard time getting SD to work with Arnold for Cinema. I've been watching some of the beginner videos for designer to get to grips with the program and everything makes sense, I can get myself around the program. When I import my models into designer and apply my textures they look great, everything is working, what I can't do is translate this to arnold.

There's so little support out there for cinema4d I've scoured the internet and have only found bits and pieces which I've tried to make sense of but still struggling, any help is much appreciated, I've had a subscription for 3 months and not made any use of it yet; I need a breakthrough! Anyway here's the problem.

I'm starting simple:

The texture I'm using is Thick Snow Cover.

If I open it inside cinema without making any changes there's no problem. However if I open it inside substance, use the arnold converter (from this tutorial and publish it out I get the 'invalid substance error'.
I follow along with Wes' tutorial, then publish this out.
Load it into C4D and get the error message

Say I can't figure that out and skip the arnold converting method and just use the original sbsar

How does this set up look?

I hope I've provided enough information I'm desperate to getting cracking with substance, all my modelling is done I just need quality texturing to take to the next level!



I'm wondering, which Substance Designer version you are using? And which Cinema 4D version? Until the last hotfix for Cinema 4D, it was not able to load Substance Designer 6 assets. In that combination SD6 and C4D < 18.048, you had to set a compatibility switch in Substance Designer before saving.
The hotfix (enabling C4D to load SD6 assets can be found on MAXON's Downloads page under R18->Application. Please make sure to read the notes about this hotfix thoroughly, as it unfortunately causes an issue with Substance OGL2 engine on OSX.


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