Author Topic: Drag & drop images/substances to the project  (Read 2652 times)

I've found using import all the time to be a bit tedious. Could you consider allowing users to drag & drop images and substances from windows explorer to painter?

I'd like to see drag & drop in all possible places, for example you could just drag an background image to your pbr viewport and it would change it instantly.

To populate previously made texture maps, you'd just drag images in fill layers without having to import them separately before assigning. If image would have standard naming convention and have something like _normal, _roughness etc in filename, it could also change fill layer to act accordingly without user input.

To add multiple textures to the painter, you could just select them in explorer and drag them to texture section and so on.

I think having such feature would speed up the overall workflow in Substance Painter.

This is planned in the near future.

Yay! Thank you! The interface is so reminiscent of Zbrush that I found myself trying to do that with the demo.

By accident today, I actually found myself dropping images directly onto the tool preview thumbnails, instead of the buttons where you need to drop them.

Being that I was >looking< at the icon to see what image was loaded as the mask or diffuse etc., I naturally wanted to drop an image onto the icon to change it out with the one I was dropping.

It just felt more natural to me over dropping onto a (sometimes hard to find) button.