Author Topic: [SOLVED] crash on baking textures  (Read 6156 times)

 Set up a new file and tried with Obj and Fbx, at first was a large mesh and then with just a cube. Baking all textures and it starts then crash to desktop. Had used same exact file with no issues before the update. Trying 'metallic roughness hq'.
Any help appreciated as software is unuseable at this point. Will be emailing also but wanted to post in case someone else has this issue.
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 Was using Lambert so tried Blinn etc and crashes. Tried burning all of them and one at a time, no joy. Nothing running in the background. Something in the patch it seems. If I can will download to my new desktop and see if that helps.

 Tried on a new desktop.

 and same thing starts to bake then crashes, Program unuseable.

edit, I did update the drivers on this laptop and it still crashes.
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We are looking into the issue, some meshes seem to bake fine and some others do not, we'll have an update on this by tomorrow.

 Thanks for looking at this. Be aware please that nothing will bake, even a simple mesh, everything crashes. Things that were fine before patch.
 Good luck, love this software

edit...ok can get it to work with one simple mesh so have tried doing a piece at a time and so far so good, does it matter what shader type is on the mesh when I bring it in? or do I even need to assign one other than to have a name. If am taking it back to maya then I can just slap a mia-x on the mesh, just started with marmoset so no idea there, anyway thanks.
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Yes fantastic software, team! I was able to get around this for now by going back a few versions. The email I got when I first purchased couldn't of made it any easier to go backwards. Just like painter.

 yes, i think these folks care passionately about their software. So far cannot import anything more than simple objects with just a couple textures, something def wrong here but testing.

We are working on a fix. Unfortunately a feature currently WIP of our baker has been merged by error in the main application. Sorry for the troubles. We should have a new build today
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thanks for the update! I just started working with the software and I thought I was doing something wrong. lol

 Cool, thanks for getting this so fast. :)

We released 2.5.3 which solves the problem.
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 Thx again, that fixed me up, you guys are awesome :)