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I recently acquired a gtx 1070.  Prior to installing the card I updated painter from to  The driver I was using was 376.33.  After updated painter I loaded a project I had made using the currently installed driver and the currently installed hardware (750ti).  The project is made up of 5 udim tiles. The project loaded fine, except for the texture set that is selected by default.  As the file first loads, it looks correct, but as the progress bar finishes, it is as if something has changed with the blending modes I was using to make a blood material.  I thought it was the outdated pbr shader, but loading the new one changed nothing.

I figured a new driver was worth a shot, so I uninstalled the old Nvidia drivers and shut down to install the new card.  The new drivers made no difference.  I thought something may have changed with the gloss plastic material I had used as a base for the blood, so I created a new material from scratch using all the same parameters and that didn't help either.  Have there been any recent changes to the blending modes or how they interact?

One other thing...I'm not sure if it has always been the case, but if I select a layer in my stack and then click on any material in the shelf it replaces whatever is in the layer with itself.  I could be wrong, but I don't remember it doing that previously.  Any help would be appreciated.

Nothing has changed in the blending modes recently, the difference likely comes from something else.
As for the material assignement, it has been working this way for at least a year now :)

Thanks for getting back to me.  The only other possibility I can think of is the masking.  The masks for all these tiles are bitmap masks created in Mudbox.  As far as I know, Mudbox does not color manage its output.  I cycled through the color space dropdown on the fill layer for the mask but no option seemed to fix the issue.  The images are also not grayscale when exported, but converting them and re-importing doesn't seem to make a difference.  Has anything changed in the way substance imports and interprets bitmaps for use as masks?

Nothing changed in the way we import bitmap either.

The issue here seems to be an outdated cache which lead to a rendering difference.
What does it look like before and after the texture set recomputation ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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In the included image, the back half of the head is how it should look.  That seam you see is between texture sets 1 and 2. Set 1 is the front of the head, and is selected when the project loads.  When it first loads it looks fine, but as soon as the progress bar finishes it changes to what you see here.  If I were to select texture set 2 (back of the head and torso)  the same thing that happened to the front of the head would happen as soon as the red progress bar finished.  The same goes for the rest of the udim tiles.  They all look correct until I select them.  This is an Iray render of what it should look like...

I rolled back to to make sure nothing I had done was the problem and the project looks just like it did when I created it, no errors at all.  I then uninstalled that version and installed the latest build, .  I was hoping that build might solve the issue but alas it produces the same error.

I tried the latest build,, but that didn't help.  I rolled back to to try something out.  I turned off the top blood layer, which is set to linear burn with a 9% opacity.  Turning off the linear burn layer results in something that is almost exactly what I see in 2.5 when the tile is recomputed. 

I have tried raising the opacity on the linear burn layer in 2.5 but that doesn't result the same effect that I was seeing in 2.4.  It is as if the manner in which the stacked blend modes are interacting with each other is different.  Perhaps there was a bug in the linear burn mode in 2.4 that was previously unknown?

Nothing changed in the way we import bitmap either.

The issue here seems to be an outdated cache which lead to a rendering difference.
What does it look like before and after the texture set recomputation ?

Where is the cache located?  Is it something stored in the project file, or a system file left over from a previous installation?  If it is the latter, what is the procedure for a clean install to make sure all remnants of the old version are gone?

Oops..just noticed I uploaded the Dxdiag but not the log file. 

Although this project is finished, I was planning on using this blood material in a future project.   Since this update broke my previous workflow, I'm not exactly sure how I should proceed.  Rolling back to an earlier version isn't really an option, as I now have a Pascal based card.  Since the final render environment for these assets is Iray, having Iray support in Painter is definitely a high priority. 

If future updates will have a chance of breaking whatever new materials I create on current projects, I guess that is something I will have to learn to live with.  It is far from ideal, but the advantages Painter offers are too great.  It's really becoming something I don't want to live without.