Author Topic: "Match By Name" failed me, still had to explode mesh?  (Read 916 times)

Hello! I'm kinda new here, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. This may seem like a wall of text, but it's not that bad I promise.

I'm a beginner in 3D art, but quick to pick up new things. I started off fairly quick and landed on high poly texture baking very early on (as much as it makes me scream internally). Something that happened just now baffled me. I've been working on a little model of a primitive, medieval bed. It's far from done, but It has a lot of intersecting meshes that intersect more than once, as such:

I've set up everything as required. The Outliner in Maya, the naming convention, etc.
I selected "Match By Name" in the common baker settings and selected "Only Same Mesh Name" for Self Occlusion. As far as I understand, the matching by name system eliminates the need to explode your meshes.

Now here's the weird thing. When I bake the model as expected, this happens on pretty much every intersection:

Once I exploded my mesh, baked, then moved things back together cleverly using keyframes in Maya, it was all fine. Bakes were almost perfect as shown in the first image.

So this makes me wonder: Why does this happen? What causes this? And most importantly, how do I fix and avoid it without having to explode (if at all possible)? It's not that I mind exploding meshes, but it just seems like an extra unnecessary step.

Thanks in advance, anyone who takes the time to think with me.  :)

Which build are you using? Match by name was broken in 2.5.0.

I'm currently using 2.5.0. I might try updating to see what happens.

EDIT: Updating to 2.5.1 solved my problem. That was unexpected! I had no idea it was even broken cause I've been so caught up with this model.
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