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I am curious why the Substance Painter's (SP) ambient occlusion bakes are so different from other apps.  In the attached images, you will see AO bakes of a waist belt model in SP and in another application.  The results from the other application match those I have also gotten from Modo, Maya, MightyBake and HandPlane.

Note that the AO in SP only captures the edges.  Totally occluded areas are not represented.  For example, there is a belt strap in the middle of the waist belt.  The surface behind the belt strap is not occluded.  Why?

You can see the effect in the belt.png image.  Look at the belt loop on the left side of the image.  The surface behind the belt loop is light, not dark.  It is weird looking.
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Please disregard.

While I don't understand it yet, the problem is related to the cage.  In the problematic bake, I did not use a cage.  When I use a cage the occlusion looks fine.

I wonder why the absence of a cage would produce edge occlusion and not full occlusion? Just curious.

Try deactivating the Ignore Backfaces option in the Ao settings.