Author Topic: Texture seams... Again. Iray ok, viewport not so much.  (Read 2191 times)

So just for a test. I've tried baking textures outside from painter (in blender) and used obj to look at the ongoing issue. So.When I activate viewport there are very visible seams (i know it's not the best bake):

But if I switch to Iray then the seams disappear:

My question is, is that something related to how yebis engine is working or how i've baked maps. Or something entirely different. I am relatively new to next gen real time stuff and I am not sure should i worry about these kind of seams when I start working on a hudge project I am planning.

The seam likely comes from the fact that in real time, the vertices are duplicated and the normal not interpolated properly unless you have a normal bake, resulting in a reflection seam.
Iray likely doesn't have this issue and interpolates the normals properly on seams.

Well I did bake the normal. That is the problem, I've had similar problem some time ago and "sort of " fixed it with cage. But the seam issue is persistent with any unwrap without cage. *.obj or *.fbx epxort make no difference, maybe something is messed up with blender export but I have no idea what. I will try to replicate the same thing in 3ds Max to see if there is the same issue.

Tested, even worse in 3ds max. I am lost. Will there always be visible seam in substance painter viewport?

And if I chose spec/gloss workflow seams disappear.


wrong, still there
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The seam you see is related to the way we sample the environment map to create specular reflections. You can try to increase the sample quality in the shader parameters to reduce the artifact, but it will always be present at some point. However it shouldn't affect other applications.

Note however that 3DS Max use a custom tangent space, which means normal map baked in Substance Painter may not work with it. Unfortunately that's something we can't fix.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Thank you very much for your answer. I was hoping that I could check the quality of final bake directly in painter, but ok I will check it in native app before working on assets.