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Hi Allegorithmics!

Since I´m working at a big car company which wants us to visualize our 3d-Stuff in Autodesks V-RED, I wonder if there´s a plan to implement Substance tools in it? V-RED is a fast high quality renderer specially built for the car industry.

I also think that "spreading" this fantastic software of yours in the design process of the car industry could be benefiting!

But please let us know if this a thinkable topic for you guys, because I would love to utilize Substance´s tools and power in V-RED...

Another thing:

I´ve noticed that in your list of supporting software appears DS Catia...I´m using ICEM SURF and Catia at work, so could you please specify in which way Substance has something to do with that? Because I´ve never heard of that...



Come on guys, anything??

 ??? ???

...Autodesks V-RED, I wonder if there´s a plan to implement Substance tools in it?

What does Autodesk say?
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Hello Peter,

We are in discussion with Autodesk Product Management team about it.
We are sure that V-Red users would be very happy with having access to Substance materials tweaking within V-Red.

We will keep you posted meantime it is great you to share it with them so that they see more and more users asking for it.




Product Manager for Industrial Design & Architecture

About CATIA support, you can import a Substance since CATIA R2017x version and be able to tweak the Substance within CATIA.

You can see it in this video from Dassault Systemes:

PS: There is no support of Substance in CATIA V5.




I'm also looking for substance support in VRED.

Great news!
We are happy to announce today the official support of Substance materials natively in Autodesk VRED 2019.3.

More details in the dedicated Blogpost: