Author Topic: I can't seem to access the graph in sbs file  (Read 2781 times)

I have Indie Substance 5.6 but don't have Substance Live. I have some "Available Downloads" on Substance Source from before and I downloaded several substances with the sbs included.

When I open them up, there is no graph that I can see and I can't seem to access anything. The most I can do is "View Outputs in 3D view"

Am I doing something wrong, or is it because I have not subcribed to Substance Live? Thanks

In that screenshot, we can see that you have opened the sbsar file, not the sbs file. You need to open the sbs file in Designer to be able to see the graph.

When I download the asset from Source, this is the only option I get (see below). Is there some way to download the sbs alone?

NVM, I found my own answer.

If anyone else has this problem, DON'T click on the blue download tab, you will only get the sbsar (1st image below)
Instead, click on the image of the substance itself and another window will open. You can then click on the blue SBS icon at the bottom right. (2nd image below)

This works.