Author Topic: [SOLVED]Unable to select shader for TextureSet  (Read 1500 times)


I have a Substance Painter 2 project that I worked on yesterday without any issues and today after I selected the TextureSet called 'FabricPipe' to work on it, it suddenly lost its 'Main shader' that all the other TextureSets have. Reimporting the model doesn't fix the issue. How can I set this back to 'Main shader'? Can you please provide an urgent fix as this is client work and now whatever material I use on this TextureSet it just shows up as flat gray...
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Ok so I've gone over to a different TextureSet now and did some work there and then I went back to the problematic TextureSet in question and now I can apply materials again. The 'Shader' button still shows up gray in the TextureSets panel though... I can consider this fixed for now I guess